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[sm_smlts_col type=”lts-one-fourth”][sm_asb_et icon=”image: lightbulb” title=”Courses”]The first step in securing your network is to understand its architecture and implementation. Become familiar with networking, process management and operating system essentials.[/sm_asb_et][/sm_smlts_col]

[sm_smlts_col type=”lts-one-fourth”][sm_asb_et id=”sec-et-unique-id” icon=”image: computer” animation=”animation-off” title=”Security” text_align=”left”]We offer assistance in designing a workable security policy for your organization. Discover the areas you need to address in order to help keep your data secure.[/sm_asb_et][/sm_smlts_col]

[sm_smlts_col type=”lts-one-fourth”][sm_asb_et id=”con-et-unique-id” icon=”image: sub” animation=”animation-off” title=”Consulting” text_align=”left”]Our quality security consulting services and training can help you find the answers to these important questions.[/sm_asb_et][/sm_smlts_col]

[sm_smlts_col type=”lts-one-fourth lts-col-last”][sm_asb_et id=”itil-et-unique-id” icon=”image: cmyk” animation=”animation-off” title=”ITIL” text_align=”left”]Managed By Design is currently offering special services for building a secure network. Call a representative today at (813) 842-9425 for more details on this special course offering. [/sm_asb_et][/sm_smlts_col]